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32 Useful Facebook Page Apps for Your Business (2016-9-22)

If you’re thinking about how to improve your Facebook strategy and aren’t sure where to start, these apps for your Facebook Page can help. Here’s why: Facebook apps don’t require a ton of effort and they’re super handy. They let you customize your existing Facebook Page in a way that enhances the experience for your […]

CTR as a ranking factor: what we know so far and how to action it (2016-9-22)

For the last two years there has been much discussion and debate around whether click through rate (CTR) is something Google uses to determine where to rank a site. It all began way back when Rand Fishkin did an interesting experiment which provided some evidence behind his theory that CTR is in fact something that […]

12 companies hit with a Google manual penalty (2016-9-22)

Just in case you’re ever tempted to try a few black-hat practices to manipulate your search positions in Google, here are 12 tales to persuade you otherwise. Whether using cloaking, unnatural paid-for links, doorway pages, spam or hidden links, Google is swift and brutal with a manual penalty. Even if the transgression isn’t necessarily your […]

Instagram content best practice: winning examples from global brands (2016-9-22)

This month saw the release of the 2016 cross-border business handbook: Going global with Facebook. It is a good body of research for budding social media marketers looking to use such services to connect with consumers across international regions. What with the data in the report having been collected by Facebook and the title of […]

3 Potential Threats to Watch Out for on Social Media (2016-9-21)

For marketers, investing in social media means exposure; exposure to new prospects, exposure to new followers and influencers, exposure for the brand, and exposure to a significant return on investment (ROI). All signs point to a continued investment in social media for just about every industry. According to a study of CMOs by Duke’s Fuqua […]

Five tips to maximise content ROI for every industry (2016-9-21)

An effective content marketing strategy needs to be customised to the demands of each industry. Here are five tips to increase your ROI. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach in content marketing, especially when it involves different industries. Content creation and distribution depends on the particular audience for each occasion, and that’s why each industry has its […]

7 Twitter Chats Social Media Marketers Need to Follow (2016-9-21)

We’ve all been there. You’re at a cocktail party and one minute you’re enjoying a tiny samosa, the next minute you’re cornered and trapped in a conversation with the chattiest person there. No, you don’t really need to hear about the last 20 renaissance festivals he attended, nor do you need to watch a mobile […]

Five solid Google AdWords insights from analyzing half a billion dollars in ad spend (2016-9-21)

In which I set out to look at fresh Performance Grader data to get a sense of what is changing in terms of the overall AdWords ecosystem. Back in late 2013, we did a similar analysis and found that small businesses in particular were leaving a lot of opportunities (and money) on the table, by committing […]

10 terrific websites to help promote your app or tool (2016-9-21)

Building a cool tool or an app is half of the battle. Marketing it is even harder and more overwhelming. Here’s a handy guide for you to use. App marketing is on the boom. Lots of ecommerce companies launch apps these days to build loyalty and create additional source of traffic and sales. Finally, after months of […]

Google AMP is coming to organic search results – Update! (2016-9-21)

Update: Google’s Rudy Galfi, Google’s lead product manager for AMP, has revealed to Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land that the global rollout of AMP in mobile organic search would be complete by the end of the year. In further remarks posted on SEL, Galfi clarified that having AMP enabled still wouldn’t affect ranking signals though. Six months ago, […]