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10 Blue Links – April 29, 2016 (2016-4-30)

The 9 Most Common Local SEO Myths, DispelledMoz – April 19th, 2016 Don’t believe everything you hear about Local SEO. This post sets the record straight on how your business should be listed with Google, and what actually affects your rankings. It’s All A/Bout Testing: The Netflix Experimentation PlatformNetflix Tech Blog – Friday, April 29, […]

Social Media News You Need to Know: April 2016 Roundup (2016-4-29)

It was a big month for Facebook. With their F8 conference on April 12 and 13, the social platform had tons of big announcements to share. While Facebook talked Messenger, chatbots, and Live Video, Twitter introduced a new Message button on Tweets, YouTube launched 360-degree live streaming, and Pinterest rolled out a spiffy new app. […]

Free Trial Sign-Ups Are Back! (2016-4-29)

It’s with the utmost enthusiasm that we announce the return of instant free trial sign-ups for SERPs! We’ve been making some exciting improvements to our infrastructure and internal systems. In the long term, this means a faster and more reliable platform for you, but in the short term it also meant that we were temporarily […]

Out of Ideas? Supercharge Your Next Brainstorm with Improv (2016-4-28)

With files from Margret Nyfors, director of public education at Vancouver TheatreSports League, and Ken Lawson, lead facilitator, head of design and development for Improv for Business at Vancouver TheatreSports League. Improv comedy is the ultimate exercise in thinking on your feet. Performers practice the art of pulling polished, funny skits out of thin air with zero […]

A Social Media Proposal Template to Win Clients (2016-4-28)

If my hours of watching engagement videos on YouTube have taught me anything, it’s that the perfect social media proposal is an art (and that hot air balloons are surprisingly easy to get). Timing, communication, and expectations can all make the difference between receiving a resounding ‘yes!’ or a quiet ‘no’ followed by a somersault […]

Taking your analytics practice to the next level (2016-4-28)

As both a Googler and ClickZ team member, I recently attended and participated in the always-inspirational ClickZ Live New York event. Along with Katie Morse, Vice President, Social and Search at Nielsen and Pierce Crosby, business development and experienced data analyst at StockTwits, we had a panel discussion on how brands can take their analytics […]

How to achieve face-melting content marketing ROI (2016-4-28)

Jason Miller knows a thing or two about content. He’s the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Linkedin, who presented a session titled “How to Achieve Face-Melting Content Marketing ROI” at ClickZ Live NY last week. With that title, the session immediately piqued my interest and Jason did not disappoint. In case you were wondering, face melting is: […]

11 extraordinary uses of Augmented Reality (AR) (2016-4-28)

Jess Butcher, the director and co-founder of augmented reality app Blippar, is speaking at our Shift London event in May, so to prepare for this occasion, we thought we’d get fully immersed in the world of AR. Put simply, AR is the technology that superimposes computer generated imagery onto the real world when looked at […]

17 fascinating stats about beacons and location marketing (2016-4-27)

Today we embark on our fifth weekly #ClickZChat, where the good people of SEW and ClickZ take to Twitter to discuss with our expert friends and followers a particularly burning digital marketing related issue. For this week’s chat, we’ll be talking about location marketing, NFC, beacons, and their usefulness for marketers, so please join us […]

10 secret ingredients of a 10x marketer (2016-4-27)

What attributes make for a brilliant marketer? Over the past few years there has been a lot of talk about marketers who punch well above their weight. For some, the term ‘growth hacker’ has described the type of marketer who with a mixture of tech and creativity can reach and convert large numbers of people […]

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