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5 Brilliant Tweets Hootsuite’s Social Team Wishes They Wrote (2016-8-31)

What Plato called the perfect circle we call the perfect Tweet. Every once in awhile, a Tweet appears on your timeline that inspires a feeling of admiration, envy, and delight—all at the same time. If you’re a social media manager, you know that feeling. Every day you’re pushing the boundaries on social trying out something […]

Seven simple rules for effective email communication and outreach (2016-8-31)

Communication is key to success in life. No matter your industry, field, career, day-to-day responsibilities, or duties, communication is integral to your success.  This is particularly true in SEO and link building, where communication is vital to educating clients, gaining buy-in, executing campaigns, securing links, and presenting results. Email is the primary mode of communication […]

Google Maps update decides which areas are ”of interest” for users (2016-8-31)

If we didn’t have Google Maps, we’d either never leave our homes for fear of getting lost or we’d have to find our physical maps again – neither of which, clearly, are options, so we have to make do with what we have. Roughly 41% of internet users use Google Maps to get directions, check […]

Three technologies you absolutely must have for better SEO (2016-8-31)

Your website has to stay on trend to survive. Fast page loads. User-friendliness. Instant access to favorite news sources and blogs. Security… These are the needs of the internet browsing population. It happens every day. You’re walking the dog and reading the news on your phone at the same time or scrolling Facebook in the […]

Social Media Lessons from 6 Must-Follow Brands on Facebook (2016-8-30)

If you have a sibling, you know that sometimes the best way to learn how to do something is from example. Your big brother might have known how to sneak out of the house in the quietest way possible. Your older sister might have taught you how to beat your brother in Mario Kart. Whatever […]

Five very quick tips to building a loyal ecommerce customer base (2016-8-30)

A few weeks ago, we discussed how ecommerce and retail companies can best acquire new customers via Facebook Lookalike targeting. So now that you’re building your customer base, let’s study how best to keep that very valuable base engaged. Remember, your existing customers are a constant stream of revenue. We know they already like your […]

Why understanding frequency is key to success with Facebook advertising (2016-8-30)

How do you ensure that your Facebook ad campaign is working as hard as it possibly can?  For Facebook advertisers, it can be easy to get stuck into the multitude of statistics and metrics that your campaigns generate. For those that are analytically minded, Facebook marketing can feel like being a kid in a candy […]

Google AdWords: the dos and don’ts of callout extensions (2016-8-30)

Callout extensions are a really important component of Google AdWords, and they can be incredibly useful in describing what your business has to offer that may not be clear by your links and description alone. Take the example below from Google: “Acme Electronics” uses AdWords and is able to list their website in the first […]

3 Easy Ways to Give Your Business a LinkedIn Makeover (2016-8-29)

I’ve never had a full-fledged makeover, but I can imagine how good it feels. Even after a simple trim I find myself strutting down the street, flipping my hair like I’m starring in a shampoo commercial. Admittedly, I feel a similar sense of pride when I clean up my digital appearance, changing my profile photo […]

Why do big US companies take mobile less seriously than Chinese companies? (2016-8-29)

If you want to know how seriously any public company takes mobile, then take a look at the annual/quarterly reports. While top Chinese retailers, banks and internet companies are keen to share their mobile success with their investors, their US equivalents are often shy to reveal their numbers… especially the biggest US retailers. While researching […]

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