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How to Use Twitter Analytics: The Complete Guide for Marketers (2017-5-24)

It’s one of those things you know you should be doing: tracking your Twitter metrics and analyzing the data they provide. After all, Twitter users interact with businesses in important ways on the network, and if you’re not analyzing the results of your own tweets, you’re missing out on key Twitter insights that could help […]

Advertising on Tumblr: A Quick Guide for Marketers (2017-5-24)

According to Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report, Tumblr ranked No. 1 in social sentiment towards brands. Not only that, but 70 percent of users say the Tumblr dashboard is their favorite place to spend time online. With over 200 million active blogs publishing 80 million posts every day on Tumblr, your brand has a huge opportunity […]

How to Use Reddit for Fast (and Accurate) Market Research (2017-5-24)

With 50,000 niche communities and 250 million unique monthly visitors, Reddit is packed with potential customers talking about brands and products. In this post, you’ll learn a simple process for using Reddit to conduct market research. As you’ll see, Reddit can help you observe what people really think about your industry and products, reveal what […]

Measuring the Unmeasurable and the Future of Social Data (2017-5-24)

Will McInnes, the CMO of Brandwatch, shared insights at Connect via Hootsuite on how social intelligence can be used to capture potential customers early in the buyer journey. Afterward, we sat down with him to learn more about social listening, measurement, and the impact social can have on marketing strategy. Q&A with the CMO of Brandwatch When […]

8 Things to Do During Your First Week as a Social Media Manager (2017-5-24)

It’s your first day as a social media manager for a new company. Where do you even start? This question is a common one, but one that often goes unasked as people are worried about seeming inexperienced or making a bad impression when they start a new job. Really, it’s a very reasonable question. Making […]

What Celebrities Get About Snapchat That Brands Don’t (2017-5-11)

Without visible follower counts, likes, or any other kind of public metrics, Snapchat provides an even playing field for all users. Celebrities aren’t given special treatment over us “regular folk.” As the New York Times explains, celebrity “posts are not presented in a newsfeed, and an algorithm does not prioritize their content and automatically feed […]

8 Apps to Help Your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media (2017-5-11)

Chances are your organization relies on a range of software solutions to run more efficiently. The days of large organizations being locked into a single, all-encompassing software program to run all mission-critical processes are long gone. So, if the social media solution you rely on works seamlessly with the tools other teams use, it makes […]

8 Free Resources to Soundtrack Your Social Video Without Getting Sued (2017-5-8)

If you’re posting social videos to YouTube, you should know that the site takes audio copyright very seriously. If you include music that doesn’t belong to you, your video will likely be taken down from the site, and after three “copyright strikes,” your account will be terminated—and you’ll be barred from creating a new account. […]

5 Social Media Innovations That Are Changing the Retail Industry (2017-5-8)

More than 84 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. go online to look up products before purchasing. E-commerce is slowly taking over the consumer world with sales reaching $394.9 billion in 2016, up nearly 16 percent from the previous year. To stay on top, it makes sense that go where their audience is—meshing the […]

7 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You a Better Social Media Marketer (2017-5-8)

One common challenge for social media marketers is the pace—not only is it tough to stay on top of a consistent posting schedule, but social platforms seem to announce new features or changes every other week. It’s almost impossible for the stretched-thin marketer to keep up. Fortunately, marketers can lean on subject matter experts who […]