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101 Benefits of Social Media Marketing – A New Realm of Opportunities (2017-9-22)

Social media has become the latest buzzword for online marketers these days, who want to optimize their online existence and give a boost to their bottom line. You too may have heard of several social media benefits but perhaps feel either hesitant to join the league, or need a better understanding of the return on […]

How to Use Twitter Ads: The Complete Guide for Business (2017-9-1)

Since it launched in 2006, Twitter has become a key platform where people go to interact with brands, from contests to customer service, to Twitter chats and more. With 328 million active users, there are plenty of potential eyeballs out there for your brand messaging. But with 500 million Tweets sent per day, it can […]

How to Create Social Media Buttons For Every Major Network (2017-9-1)

Encouraging social sharing among your customers and fans can be a great way to extend your online reach. But no one’s going to share your content if it’s a chore to do so. Forget making people copy and paste links. With some simple code, you can add social media buttons that allow users to share […]

13 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles in One Hour or Less (2017-9-1)

Considering how much time people spend on social media everyday, it’s kind of funny—or is it sad?—that most of us find ourselves too busy to actually update and improve our profiles. Everyone’s busy, yet so many improvements to your social media profiles can be made in just a few minutes. Here are 13 easy ways […]

How a Powerful Social Campaign Went Viral Around the World (2017-7-31)

Earlier this year, UN Women launched a bold social media campaign that received international attention, with millions of views and thousands of participants from around the globe. In this episode of the Hootsuite podcast, we chat with UN Women’s Dhatri Navanayagam on the strategy behind the campaign that the world could not ignore. In this […]

How to Write a Social Media Policy for Your Company (2017-7-31)

The line between companies and their employees on social media is steadily blurring. Organizations today need a social media policy that at once helps keep the brand’s reputation intact while also encourages employee participation online. In this guide, we’ll layout the benefits of having a social media policy and give you all the information you […]

9 Little-Known Instagram Features You Should Be Using (2017-7-31)

When you know absolutely everything a social network can do, you can surprise your audience and better engage them. There’s been a ton of exciting changes and updates for Instagram as of late. To help you stay on top of the latest features—and teach you how to use them—we’ve created this list. 9 things you […]

Facebook Messenger Bots for Business: A Guide for Marketers (2017-7-31)

Move over mobile apps, messenger bots are here to stay. The latest mobile tech trend is software that pretends to be a person you can message through your preferred instant messaging platform. And businesses and brands are turning to Facebook Messenger bots in particular—attracted by Facebook’s enormous user base—to engage with and service their customers […]

How to (Really) Get Thousands of Free YouTube Subscribers (2017-7-13)

To win the attention of YouTube’s algorithm, you need lots of subscribers. Today, I’ll show you real ways to get free YouTube subscribers. No tricks. No hacks. Just tactics that work. Over the last few years, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have stolen the social video spotlight. But YouTube is still an incredible marketing channel, receiving […]

The 5 Key Ingredients of a Perfect Facebook Post (2017-7-13)

No two Facebook posts are created equal. Of the many ingredients that go into each one—visuals, compelling copy, headlines, and timing—there are countless variations. There is no perfect Facebook post, but there is such a thing as a perfect Facebook post for your brand. To find out what goes into a successful Facebook post, I […]