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How to use Google’s new demographic targeting for search ads (2017-4-21)

Through AdWords, Google has given advertisers a lot of control over when their ads are shown, by means of the different match types and using remarketing lists for search ads. Until recently, however, you were unable to target users based on demographic – a function that has been available for a while now on both […]

6 Ideas to Borrow from Creative Social Media Carousel Ads (2017-4-21)

If one picture is worth a thousand words, a carousel ad is worth 10 times that. Literally. According to data found by Kinetic Social, advertisers using carousel ads see a click-through rate 10 times higher than other ad formats on Facebook and Instagram. Carousel ads allow advertisers to use up to 10 photos or videos […]

What’s new with Earth? First impressions of the relaunched Google Earth (2017-4-21)

Google has just re-designed, revamped and re-launched its Earth product, and it has certainly been worth the two-year wait. Earth is now built into Chrome, so there is no longer a need to download a cumbersome desktop app to access this global repository of images, videos, and knowledge cards. The Android app has been updated […]

The Facebook Pixel: What It Is and How to Use It (2017-4-21)

If you’re using Facebook ads—or you plan to use them in the future—there’s one key tool you should start using right away to get the most out of your social ad budget: the Facebook pixel. What is a Facebook pixel? A Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website. It helps you track […]

A guide to setting up Google Analytics for your WordPress site (2017-4-21)

Of the many tools available for tracking visitor behavior, Google Analytics is one of the most famous ones. This free tool provides website owners with insightful information about the traffic driven to their website, helping them to determine exactly where each user originated and how they ended up on the site. So, if you are an enthusiast […]

6 Places to Buy Cheap Ads Online (That You Haven’t Thought Of Yet) (2017-4-21)

Everybody knows about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads. But are there overlooked places online to buy inexpensive ads? In 1905, a pharmacist by the name of Claud A. Hatcher worked late into the night on his new formula for a sweet, bubbly liquid. Soon, grocery stores around the world would be selling this new trendy […]

The State of What are the biggest challenges surrounding Schema markup? (2017-4-21)

Using markup, a form of structured data which helps search engines to interpret your webpages, is widely agreed to be beneficial from an SEO standpoint. While it may not correlate directly to an increase in ranking, using markup allows search engines to pull through rich snippets and rich data like images, reviews and […]

Social Media Image Sizes: A Quick Reference Guide for Each Network (2017-4-21)

James Mulvey, a fellow writer here at Hootsuite, once said: “Unlike spandex, social media is not one-size-fits-all.” Despite feeling uncomfortable about picturing my colleague in spandex, I think this quote rings true in every way. Each social network has its own nuances and specifications—especially when it comes to images. If you don’t tailor your images […]

How to use Search Console for quick SEO wins (2017-4-21)

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how a closer look at Google Search Console can lead to quick SEO wins. There’s no need to have a lot of technical knowledge to achieve quick SEO wins. Google’s Search Console, for example, can lead to great insights, provided that you’re eager to explore them. Laura Hogan, Head […]