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Social Media News You Need to Know: January 2016 Roundup (2016-1-29)

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, January can often feel like a bit of a letdown, excitement-wise. Luckily, there are plenty of new social network updates and features to be stoked about—Twitter’s considering opening up their character limit to an astronomical 10,000 characters and Facebook’s planning to (finally) roll out Reactions so that we […]

18 expert quotes from ClickZ’s Digital Trends 2016 Report (2016-1-28)

Our sister site ClickZ has launched its first Intelligence report of 2016 and it’s a firecracker. The Digital Trends 2016 report is a comprehensive guide to all the digital-related trends you need to know about in 2016. Sure every digitally-focused publisher has its own trends report, but what makes ours stand out from the rest […]

The Social Media Skills Gap You Haven’t Heard About (2016-1-28)

This post was originally published on Fast Company. On February 4, 2004, a handful of Harvard students logged onto a newly launched website called Just a dozen years later, some 2 billion people—nearly a third of the planet’s population—are social media users. So if companies are having trouble keeping up with that pace of […]

Are SEOs focusing on the wrong target? (2016-1-28)

I’ve spent a considerable amount of my life in the SEO world. But I’m here to say that our discipline is led by a false premise. We’re all chasing the wrong rabbit (or hog/unicorn/insert your favorite elusive animal here). Take the term ‘SEO’, for instance. Search engine optimization is defined by Wikipedia as “the process […]

The Top 26 Social Media KPIs Marketers Can’t Ignore (2016-1-27)

How do you measure social? If you’re a social media marketer, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your boss has asked you to provide results showcasing your efforts. You might have initially been baffled as to how you would measure values such as awareness, what your customers think of your brand, or how your efforts are […]

Why Brands Need to Own the Moment on Social Media (2016-1-27)

With the current obsession with Netflix—42.5 billion hours last year to be exact—there is a fear in marketing and entertainment that we have stopped living in the moment. Does real-time marketing then still produce results on social? The short answer is yes. The long answer is YASSSSS! We’re actually creating more moments. And the Great […]

What you need to know about Yahoo Product Ads (2016-1-27)

Back in November 2015, Yahoo Product Ads officially launched, an umbrella name that encompassed a few different types of ad units within the Yahoo Gemini universe. I’ve been working specifically with the Search Product Ads unit, which appears on search results properties with feed driven product ad units. You might be saying, “Wait, those […]

14 most important SEO tasks in order of priority (2016-1-27)

SEO can be overwhelming for any number of reasons. Between local considerations, seeding the right content in the right places, and various other on-page and off-page factors, it’s tough to know where to begin even when it comes to basic SEO essentials. What makes things even more difficult is that you can’t just start anywhere […]

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile (2016-1-26)

This post was originally published on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. Connect with your colleagues online—sign up for LinkedIn for free.  You wouldn’t send an outdated resume to a potential employer, so why let your LinkedIn profile languish with old and outdated information? A few minutes here and there and you can polish your profile […]

Announcing the winners of our Connect contest! (2016-1-26)

Last week we ran a contest on Twitter and Facebook in order to giveaway a bunch of free tickets to our new search event Connect, taking place in Miami next week on 4-5 February. Connect will bring together all the best and brightest of the search marketing industry to discuss how to thrive in the […]