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Email Segmentation: Inside One of My Autoresponder Emails – SPI TV, Ep. 31 (2015-10-31)

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Social Media News You Need to Know: October 2015 Roundup (2015-10-30)

If there’s one thing we know for sure about social media, it’s that it never slows down. The pace of new features, updates, and tech can be relentless, making it tough to keep up—especially when you’re trying to keep tabs on about a dozen things at once. Miss a week, or even a few days’ […]

From Terrible to Shareable: The Best Photo Editing Apps, Chosen by You (2015-10-30)

When I got my first cell phone in 2004 (RIP Nokia block phone) everyone couldn’t stop oohing and aahing over the fact that rather than the slightly green tinted black and white of most other models available at the time, its screen was in glorious color. Today, our phone screens are not only in color, […]

Consumer search behaviour: stats and trends (2015-10-30)

Here’s the skinny on all that’s happening right now in search behaviour. Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend 7thingsmedia’s Consumer Search Behaviour event at the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch, London. Why lucky? Well for me, it was a great little cinema with comfy armchairs and you get your own side-table with a little […]

5 Simple Tests to Optimize Your Social Media Images (2015-10-29)

On social media, you can’t take anything for granted. We’re often told, for example, that images will increase your social media engagement and that images with overlaid text work great on Twitter. Even if this is true for 99 per cent of people, it might not be true for you. Why? Because we all have […]

How to Convince Your Boss to Launch a Social Media Campaign (2015-10-29)

If you’re a member of a team rather than its leader, you know how hard it can be to break free from inertia on your ideas. Your team lead probably does know best about most aspects of your business, but what if your boss is lukewarm to the idea of running a social media campaign? […]

How cannibalisation can harm your search rankings (2015-10-29)

In this post I’ll look at how related domains are competing against each other for search rankings. Some are sites from the same parent company, other international versions of sites.  In one way or another, they are cannibalising each other’s search rankings.  Forms of cannibalisation There are four types of cannibalisation which […]

So what the heck is RankBrain? (2015-10-29)

You won’t have failed to notice in the news this week certain headlines along the lines of “Google reveals new machine learning algorithm” or “Google turning its search over to artificial intelligence” or “The machines have taken over, run screaming for the hills.” That last one is taken from my own street-pamphlet The Sensationalist […]

14 ways to reduce your site’s bounce rates (2015-10-29)

I’ve often looked at bounce rates and associated metrics as a way to measure the general stickiness and appeal of a website. In my case, this has normally been blogs and publishers’ sites, but the principle applies generally.  Here are several suggestions for ways to keep visitors from leaving your site and enticing them […]

7 Simple Best Practices for Sharing Content Across Social Networks (2015-10-29)

Creating content and getting that content seen are two very different struggles, and marketers know both all too well. Social media has only increased the complexity of these processes, by adding a series of essential channels, each with its own audiences and content types. Standing out on social media and getting your content seen and […]