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Insights When You Need Them, With Hootsuite and the Google app (2015-1-30)

Image by Yuri Samoilov via Flickr By Evan LePage | 46 mins ago | Strategy | No Comments Whether you’re at work, stuck on the road or on a chairlift heading up a mountain, your phone can bring you the information you need, as long as you know how to find it. The challenge now […]

You Can Bank on This: Social Media Is Not a Passing Trend for the UK Financial Services Industry (2015-1-30)

Image by Mark Ramsay via Flickr By Andra Mircioiu | 5 hours ago | No Comments Most business is now conducted through email, but 20 years ago, it was a different story. Social media is the new email, well on its way to becoming a core component of any business strategy—and it’s the relatively early […]

8 Common Facebook Mistakes Social Media Managers Need To Avoid (2015-1-30)

Among the many tasks social media managers face, one is learning how to navigate the ever-changing world of Facebook. Previously on our blog, we discussed the most common social media strategy mistakes. Today, we want to focus on specific Facebook mistakes social media managers need to avoid. To put it plainly, there is much anxiety […]

Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Video, Group DMs and Tweet Recaps (2015-1-30)

Twitter hinted at a lot of new features being tested in the past year, causing many marketers to wonder what the user experience was going to look like in 2015. Well, the wait is over, and it looks like they’ve made good on their promises. The scope of updates, introduced over the past few months, […]

5 Tips for Writing Promoted Tweets That Drive Conversions (2015-1-30)

For businesses, using Twitter Ads is one of the most simple yet effective ways to launch marketing campaigns or boost organic Twitter activity. Whether you’re looking to promote a product, generate leads or grow followers, Twitter Ads can help you reach new audiences beyond your existing followers – at a fraction of the cost of other channels. Twitter […]

The Role of Search and Social for Super Bowl XLIX Advertisers (2015-1-30)

This year a 30-second ad spot during Super Bowl XLIX was estimated to cost a cool $4.5 million. Given the significant investment for the brands that rallied ad budgets around this event, how will these advertisers ensure they get the most bang for their buck? While Sunday might be the big day for the […]

Local SEO: 5 Advanced Tactics for Greater Visibility (2015-1-30)

Like all other areas of SEO, local SEO is an ever-evolving entity. The last few years in particular have seen huge changes in the tools and techniques businesses need to use to rank well for location-specific searches. Another part of the problem is the advice and discussion on the topic. 2014 in particular saw […]

Should We Still Worry About Thin Content? (2015-1-30)

What makes content “thin”? Google’s original Panda algorithm did a relatively good job of identifying content that was inherently thin, but subsequent updates – and especially the more recent manual actions have brought important clarifications: it’s not about the quality of the copy but the value that content adds to the user. We […]

No Time to Create Content? No Way! 13 Tips for Quick and Easy Content (2015-1-30)

You’re already late. You have a meeting in five minutes, a conference call after that, and a report due by the end of the day. You don’t have time for content – not today, not any day. Or do you? While it’s generally true that great content takes time, there are some exceptions to […]

How Your Law Firm Can Get More from Social Media—Safely (2015-1-29)

Image by Ronnie Macdonald via Flickr By Hootsuite | 5 hours ago | No Comments If your law firm is using social media to share news on your practice, that’s a good start. But if that’s all you’re using social media for, you’re missing out on significant opportunities to learn more about your clients’ industries, […]

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