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No need for Google: 12 alternative search engines in 2018 (2018-5-21)

Working at Search Engine Watch isn’t all about studying, understanding, and reporting on Google. With more than 9% of web users searching on other engines, it’s important that we occasionally take the time to check out what they are using and what those platforms are up to. Read on for my hotlist of 12 alternatives […]

Insights into a newsroom: learnings for content marketing (2018-5-21)

Journalists are renowned for sniffing out a good story; they instinctively know how to get to the crux of a matter, asking the right sort of questions to get to the truth, and can decipher complicated subject matters succinctly for everyone to understand. Pick up any newspaper or magazine and you’ll find it packed with […]

How to use SEO on LinkedIn (2018-5-20)

SEO on LinkedIn is too often overlooked, and it’s time you start viewing LinkedIn, just like Google, as a search engine. With access to a whole network of professionals, the opportunities for those who are savvy enough can be endless. LinkedIn is the most popular platform for B2B companies to acquire new clients so being […]

Is PPC still an effective channel in an ICO marketing strategy? (2018-5-18)

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are booming. In 2017, there was approximately $5.6 billion raised by over 900 ICOs. Almost half of these ICOs were deemed a success. In the first quarter of 2018, $6.3 billion was raised via an ICO. This figure includes the $1.7 billion raised in Telegram’s ICO. These numbers tell us that […]

Top time-saving tools for SEOs (2018-5-16)

I recently moved to a new position at a new company, with a new computer and a new, clean install of Google Chrome. It wasn’t clean for very long, though, as I logged into my Chrome account and watched my address bar shrink as all of my extension icons flooded the right-hand side of the […]

Getting listed: how to generate more traffic and mentions (2018-5-16)

Directory submission is a tactic that has evolved dramatically since it first became known. Firstly, it is no longer referred to as a directory submission, simply because the term has received some negativity over the years. Secondly, the goals have changed: we no longer focus on link acquisition. When you come to think of it, the […]

Four ways to boost SEO in just 5 hours (2018-5-15)

Search engine optimization is a trend that won’t be going out of season any time soon; it’s something that every brand should continually focus on. According to Search Engine People, the top result on Google has a 33% chance of getting clicked, meaning that the lower your brand ranks (even on the first page), the […]

The big picture: what’s next for image and voice search? (2018-5-15)

About 10 years ago, it would have been hard to believe that you could ask a Bluetooth speaker for a classic cheese soufflé recipe or take a picture of an object using your phone and find out exactly where to purchase it. Yet, here we are. These interactions have been primarily realized through advancements in […]

Ten SEO aspects for web designers to master (2018-5-15)

Web design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about how a site is put together under the hood. Design choices can have a big impact – positive or negative – on a site’s SEO. In turn, this can affect the site’s performance over its entire lifetime. If you’re a professional web designer (or if you’re creating […]

Is Google Analytics compliant with GDPR? (2018-5-15)

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is set to revolutionize how we process and store data in the digital age, with the aim of giving individuals more control of their personal data. Google Analytics will act as the data processor and your organization as the data controller since your organization is in control of what data […]

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