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My Home Office Set Up and Tour (2018-3-19)

I’m taking you on a tour of my home office! This space is so important to me because it’s where I create content for all of you—I hope this video inspires you to work towards your own dream office! What’s up, everybody? I’m so excited, because today I’m taking you on a tour of my […]

SPI 309: How to Create a Marketing Funnel That Works (with Molly Pittman) (2018-3-19)

No matter where you are in your business journey, it’s fundamental for you to understand your customer’s journey. What happens after a person comes to your website? How do you go from the minute they find you all the way to a purchase? I knew when I hired Molly Pittman that it was going to […]

How To Make Passive Income Online (3 Business Models) (2018-3-19)

I’ve been building businesses since 2008 and have generated over $5M in earnings. In this post, I’ll distill what I’ve learned into three passive income business models you can choose from. The internet is an amazing place, folks. I probably don’t need to tell you there’s more than one way to make money online. And […]

SPI 308: Sunny Lenarduzzi on Bad Dream Jobs, Building a YouTube Empire, and Using Video for Business (2018-3-19)

Today’s guest is Sunny Lenarduzzi, an amazing woman with a giant YouTube channel and a brand-new podcast. She’s here today to talk about her story, and to lay out tactics for using YouTube and other content to drive email subscribers, engagement, and traffic for online business. Sunny’s story is truly inspiring. Imagine you work years […]

Is SPI Better Than Business School? 9 Lessons One Reader Used to Grow His Business (2018-3-19)

Better than business school? Read about how Salo Mizrachi grew his family business to six-figures and doubled it using 9 lessons he learned from Smart Passive Income. Welcome to our first of (hopefully) many SPI community member features! On our SPI Facebook Group, we have over 30,000 amazing entrepreneurs across all stages of business, and […]

SPI 306: Rise of the Youpreneur with Chris Ducker (2018-2-26)

Today I have a very special guest: Chris Ducker of and Youpreneur, and author of the new book Rise of the Youpreneur! Chris and I have been friends for eight years now. He’s been on the show before but we’ve never gotten this deep. A lot of people may not be familiar with the […]

Top 10 Podcast Recording Tips to Sound Like a Podcasting Pro (2018-2-26)

Podcasting is one of the most powerful ways to build your brand and audience. Here are my top 10 recording tips for producing professional, engaging episodes that will keep your listeners coming back for more. I believe podcasting is one of the most powerful tools available to build your brand and your audience. And when […]

SPI 305: The Funnel After the Funnel with Nicole Walters (2018-2-14)

Today’s special guest is Nicole Walters of, who’s talking about the funnel after the funnel, what that is, and why it’s so critical to her mindset and success. We’ll also be talking about how she quit her job . . . in front of a live audience! Since then, she’s built a seven-figure business […]

Five Truths About the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur (2018-2-14)

The most important part of any entrepreneur’s journey? Mindset. Learn the five most important lessons I’ve uncovered about mindset and entrepreneurship, plus how you can be featured in an upcoming video on my YouTube channel! Wow, 2018. It’s safe to say that this year is a big year for me. October marks the ten-year anniversary […]

SPI 304: Building an Online Course From Start to Finish (2018-2-14)

Last year I built three online courses—premium courses that people paid for—as well as a fourth free course. They’ve been working like gangbusters: In 2017 I earned $1 million in revenue from online courses alone. Online courses have been an incredible experience for me, and today I’m sharing the ten steps you can take to create […]