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Social Media News You Need to Know: February 2016 Roundup (2016-2-29)

How does this month’s social media news make you feel—do you like it? Love it? Does it make you angry or sad? Now it’s easy for you to say so in a single click (or at least, it is on Facebook anyway). The social giant finally rolled out Reactions globally, adding five new animated emotive […]

The Penguin in the room: what to do until Google rolls out its latest update (2016-2-29)

Google’s Penguin 3.0 update affected less than 1% of U.S./English queries in 2014. Granted, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second, which translates to a staggering 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide, so Penguin 3.0 ultimately hit 12 billion search queries. What’s scary though, is that Penguin 3.0 wasn’t too bad. Penguin 1.0 hit […]

What is HTTP/2 and why should we care? (2016-2-29)

The web is about to get faster, with the introduction of the latest version of the HTTP protocol: HTTP/2. It’s been 17 years since the last update and so many things have changed in almost two decades. Technology has created more demanding users, sites only got heavier and speed is an important factor for most of us […]

Social Media Monitoring: 8 Keywords to Help Protect your Brand (2016-2-26)

Can you hear me now? If you’re a social media marketer, the answer should be a resounding “yes.” Social media monitoring—listening to what users are saying about your business and the issues that affect it on social media—is an important marketing practice that provides invaluable insights for your organization. Through monitoring both your business and […]

How to Build a Social Media Dream Team (2016-2-25)

Every team is different, but there are always a few key players you need to be successful. This is as true whether you want to win a trophy or a customer. When Hootsuite’s social media team first started out, we had one person playing the role of social media manager, content creator, and community manager. […]

Say goodbye to Google: 14 alternative search engines (2016-2-25)

Well it’s been a big week for search, I think we can all agree. If you’re a regular Google user (65% of you globally) then you’ll have noticed some changes, both good and bad. I won’t debate the merits of these improvements, we’ve done that already here: Google kills Right Hand Side Ads and here: Google launches Accelerated Mobile […]

Why accessibility is key for search and visibility (2016-2-25)

If you’re involved with SEO, you’ve no doubt thought about all sorts of ways and means to boost your site in the search rankings. But if your site isn’t web accessible, your efforts will be in vain for 1/5 of your potential visitors. Web accessibility is the name given to making websites and online materials usable […]

How to Make an On-Demand Geofilter on Snapchat (2016-2-24)

Advertising on Snapchat is a costly venture, with price tags in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or at least it was—until now. On February 22, Snapchat debuted a brand new feature that will let businesses big and small create their own customer Geofilter that Snapchat users can add to their Snaps.  The social messaging […]

Why companies create content – part two: to gauge public opinion (2016-2-24)

Following on from Part One of this series where the topic of influencing brand perception was discussed, this new instalment looks at how content can help you tap into the mindset of the people you’re trying to sell to. Part two: to gauge public opinion Pretty much any content related book, article or conference talk you come across […]

Stop thinking about long-tail keywords and start focusing on searcher intent (2016-2-24)

Over the years, the usefulness of certain types of keywords has been debated, analyzed, celebrated, and even disparaged. Long-tail keywords – those specific phrases of low-volume but perhaps higher-quality queries from searchers who are closer to taking action on procuring the product or service they seek – have certainly received a heck of a lot […]