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Turning Social Media Traffic into Sales and Sponsorships: 3 Strategy Cheatsheets for Sports & Entertainment Brands (2015-3-31)

For sports and entertainment brands, social media pays off. But while the industry has seen a lot of success, there are still many opportunities to expand these results and better translate social media audiences into new sources of revenue. As Dr. Michael Pfahl, an assistant professor at Ohio University’s Department of Sport Management, notes: “To […]

6 Reasons Why You Need Brand Ambassadors For Your Business (2015-3-31)

Brand ambassadors are the not-so-secret weapon of many hot companies. They help the up-and-coming companies stand out among the many others in the field. To put it simply, “brand ambassador” is a term used in the marketing world in reference to a person who represents and promotes your company. A brand ambassador will endorse the […]

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with Customers Using Social Media (2015-3-31)

Beyond publishing and advertising, one of social media’s most important business functions is that it enables you to connect with customers on a very personal level. Every client is within your reach and can easily be talked to directly. You can have many of these conversations simultaneously, something you couldn’t do over the phone or […]

Backlink Bummers: 5 Clues to Off-Site SEO Trouble (2015-3-31)

To fix a client’s floundering SEO campaign, an SEO manager needs to do three checks. Review what has already been done to see if any mistakes were made along the way. Run an SEO Index check to make sure Google is indexing the site correctly. Use Google Webmaster Tools to see […]

5 New Types of Content for the Future of Marketing (2015-3-31)

Every search marketer knows that a good SEO strategy rests on the strength of its content. In the past that has meant a compelling article, likeable image, or viral video, but in the future there may be other types of content to consider. Savvy brands will keep an eye on the following five emerging content […]

6 Ways to Validate a Product Idea Before You Waste Your Time and Money (2015-3-31)

Validating a product idea: an all-important step to take to avoid wasting time and money building a product nobody wants. It seems like an obvious thing to do, however many times it’s a step that gets pushed aside. Why? It could be because: We think we already know what our audience wants and will pay for. We’re anxious to […]

Amazon Gives Google a Run for Its Money With Home Services (2015-3-31)

Amazon has launched a new marketplace for local service providers that will rival search competitors like Google and Yelp. The new addition, Amazon Home Services, will help users find services ranging from housekeeping to home maintenance. Amazon plans to vet service providers by making Amazon Home an invite-only marketplace and the company plans to […]

Social Update: F8 Highlights, News on Facebook and Periscope Continues the Live-Streaming Trend (2015-3-30)

By Hootsuite Video Team | 6 hours ago | | No Comments After a brief break, Social Update is back to bring you the latest news in the world of social media and digital marketing. This week, Facebook dominated both traditional and social media channels with announcements from F8, its annual developer conference. F8 highlights […]

3 Things We Learned About Social Media Marketing When Zayn left One Direction (2015-3-30)

Image via Twitter By Donné Torr | 2 hours ago | | No Comments Teenage girls collectively were weeping in anguish last week, when news of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction spread. If you live under a rock or possibly are not a teenager and have other things to read and think about, you might […]

5 Trends to Watch in the Mobile-First Search Era (2015-3-30)

New figures from eMarketer reflect the growing mobile momentum with estimates that mobile advertising spend will be double that of desktop by 2017, and by 2019, mobile will account for 72 percent of total digital ad spend. This should come as no surprise as mobile is topping list of where consumers are spending […]

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